What ARE these 8 simple ingredients?

We're glad you asked:

  1. Organic Distilled White Vinegar 
  2. Organic Orange Habanero Peppers
  3. Organic Carrots 
  4. Organic Lime Juice 
  5. Water 
  6. Organic Garlic 
  7. Salt
  8. Organic Ground Black Pepper

Where is Halesite?

Halesite is a small hamlet within Huntington, NY. (We didn't know it was there either until we moved here in 2010)

Are you certified organic?

Not yet! But we intend to be. The ingredients, however, ARE certified organic. We also purchase our habaneros, garlic and carrots from local organic farmers wherever possible.

Where can I buy a bottle?

Click here to find a store that sells Halesite Habanero near you. Or click here to buy online.

What is the shelf life and how long will my sauce stay after opening?

We are confident that your bottle of Halesite Habanero will be long gone before it comes close to its expiration.

However, we do guarantee that a bottle will last at least 18 months on the shelf and when refrigerated after opening, that life is extended. 


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