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What ARE these 8 simple ingredients?

We're glad you asked:

  1. Organic White Vinegar 
  2. Organic Orange Habanero Peppers
  3. Organic Carrots 
  4. Organic Lime Juice 
  5. Water 
  6. Organic Garlic 
  7. Salt
  8. Organic Ground Black Pepper

Where is Halesite?

Halesite is a small hamlet within Huntington, NY. (We didn't know it was there either until we moved here in 2010)

Are you certified organic?

Not yet! But we intend to be. The ingredients, however, ARE certified organic.

Where can I buy a bottle?

For now, just here on our website. When we have retail locations to direct you to, rest assured we will post them here.

What is the shelf life and how long will my sauce stay after opening?

We are confident that your bottle of Halesite Habanero will be long gone before it comes close to it's expiration.

We are not yet printing expirations on the bottles until lab testing is complete, but our in house testing has shown a shelf life of at least a year. After opened, if refrigerated, the product has proven to be delicious and unaffected for at least a year as well. You may need to give it a shake after it sits a long while (separation is natural) but beyond that we did not observe any changes.