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Halesite Habanero Hot Sauce, 7 oz Flask Bottle

Halesite Habanero Hot Sauce, 7 oz Flask Bottle

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Originally a homemade hot sauce, now made in small batches for all to enjoy. 8 simple ingredients and no unnecessary additives. Thoughtfully made & responsibly sauced with organic ingredients for a balanced habanero, garlic, lime flavor.

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Habanero HEAT

This hot sauce is full of heat, but not to the extent that it will overwhelm the taste buds or take away from any meal. Hot sauce is a staple condiment for any savory breakfast and Halesite Habanero is literally a game changer. Like life changing. Seriously. Add it to omelets and scrambles and ALL over potatoes, and avocado. SO yummy.

Great on everything!

I love this hot sauce, it's about the habanero flavor, not how hot it is. I put this on everything, eggs, rice and my bloodly mary's. Mmmmmm


We love this stuff! Put it on your sandwich... it gives it a bite! Put it on your sub, it’ll make it take flight! Put it in your pasta, it’s a aribiata tonight! Put it in your eyes, it will improve your sight! Well, that may be an exaggeration... but it makes most everything taste better and alive! Definitely Hot Stuff!


Wow! This sauce is delicious!! You can literally put it on anything. It has an amazing light tangy sweetness to it with a perfect habanero kick! Nothing like I’ve tasted in a hot sauce before. Chicken, Steak, Burgers, you name it. As I’m writing this I’m putting it on my Chinese Boneless Spare Ribs! My wife puts it on her pieces of cheese and veggies in her cheese and crudite platters. The options are endless because this sauce goes with it all. Keep up the good work Halesite Habanero!

Best hot sauce!!

I consider myself a hot sauce enthusiast, as i buy unique sauces and put hot sauce on everything! This particular sauce is my favorite, it has the right amount of spice for the masses while still retaining that spectacular habanero flavor. Amazing, keep up the great work!