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Our Story


Halesite Habanero began as a homemade hot sauce recipe in Halesite, NY circa 2010.

Originally named after the chef (we called it Rob-aneros back then), the sauce quickly became a hit with our friends and family. Rob is the kind of guy who loves to cook and gather a clan of loved ones, so the enthusiasm about his recipe was all he needed to create traditions around cooking it. 

After a particularly successful batch, he received so much positive feedback from far and wide that we made the firm decision to make it real. This is when his crazy clean-eating wife (me) presented a strong argument for an all organic recipe. (Also, when I found out the health benefits of the habanero pepper I was fully passionate about sharing this sauce with the world!)

The name became HALESITE HABANERO when we realized the sauce was more than just Rob’s culinary skills. It would still be a hobby if not for the support and encouragement of those that we welcomed into our home in Halesite, NY.

Between the two of us, we are determined to keep the recipe as close to nature & perfection as humanly possible.
Just 8 simple, healthful ingredients that create a hearty garlic-lime-habanero flavor balanced with the pepper’s natural heat.

We hope you check it out! Once you order, you’re in the family and, like your grandma, we always love to hear from you! Tell us what you think at